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Love beautifully crafted cocktails that pack a punch and don’t break the bank? We do too, and we plan to be the most budget-friendly grab-&-go bottle shop in Toronto. Let us gratefully introduce ourselves as an absolute DT hub for all refreshing alcoholic beverages & cocktails to-go. Tuned in and spearheaded by Il Covo’s opening team and passionate power-couple, Luca Cesaretti of Rome’s Jerry Thomas Project & Gina Aguilar of Rome's Mezcaleria La Punta and graphic designer.


Luca has big appreciation for old school mixing but happily greets the opportunity to use modern techniques to enhance the end result of a refined cocktail.  Enjoy mezcal and tequila? They know it rather well. Whisky? Sure do. Spirits in general? Of course! Bubbles, you bet. Light bevie in the afternoon? Bitter digestive drinks for after dinner?  All your favourite classics and some.

Cocktails affordable enough to buy and retail from your restaurants, shops or place of business? Yep. Affordable on even delivery platforms??? Its our mission. Beverage Time: Tuesday through Saturday  from 12pm to 10pm. When the ball gets rolling we’ll be going at it 7 days a week.


Why call it Radio Cocktails? Fun to say, easy to remember.

Music is the ultimate pairing.   

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